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Our company thanks to a widespread network, which covers most of Italy and Europe, and the monitoring of every single shipment, ensures punctuality in deliveries, with the right quality / price ratio.

Collection and delivery service for goods throughout Europe

We take charge of goods starting from the single package to the complete load

Handling and transport of ADR goods

Transport of bulk goods (cereals, wood chips, etc.)

Deliveries in 24-72 hours in Italy with daily departures towards North-East (Veneto and Bologna)

Deliveries in 24-72 hours in France, Spain and Benelux with :

  • Daily departures for the areas of Paris – Reims – Barcelona – Marseille – Lyon – Dijon
  • Three-weekly departures for the rest of France and Benelux
  • Express departures on request to all of Europe

Based on the specific transport needs, our company provides all its flexibility with personalised express services. We satisfy every particularly urgent, important, delicate request; this service is for you. Direct transport from sender to recipient.

Types of Services

Road transport has always identified the core business of our company. Thanks to a fleet of 44 vehicle complexes and a branched network of commercial partners, we offer full load transport services, groupage and distribution/collection of goods throughout the European territory.

Complete Load

The Complete service is the best solution for the customer who has large volumes for each shipment and needs a vehicle at his own exclusive disposal.

In this way, the sending company can dispose of the entire trailer of an articulated vehicle which, once loaded into the customer’s warehouse, will transport the goods directly to the destination indicated, guaranteeing the delivery of all the cargo.


The Groupage formula is based on a simple and highly effective idea. Group the goods of different customers but destined to the same geographical area, send them to a single sorting center and then distribute them to the various recipients. In this way, Setti Trasporti can reduce costs and offer the customer a service at advantageous prices with the same quality as always. The Groupage is proposed as the tailor-made answer for small and large companies that commission shipments of medium-small volumes. In particular, for lots starting from the single package up to 3.2 meters of platform, we can make use of correspondents and reach the whole of France in max 48h from the Lyon Hub, with the possibility of evaluation also for other countries.

Special Transport

We can offer our customers transport of ADR material as all our vehicles are equipped with the appropriate equipment for this service and our drivers are provided with an ADR license with the necessary skills to be able to carry out such transports in maximum safety.
Each of our vehicles is registered in the Environmental Management Register with authorisations for the transport of special non-hazardous waste (cat. 4) and urban waste (cat. 1) both nationally and internationally. With our semi-trailers equipped with a walking floor we transport cereals and other bulk materials with maximum efficiency and quality in loading and unloading operations and high flexibility of use.

Intermodal Transport

We serve our customers to and from Europe also through the Intermodal rail transport network up to 44 tons using the lines ORBASSANO – AITON, ORBASSANO – CALAIS, NOVARA – FREIBURG. This allows both the continuation of the journey even in the presence of traffic bans and congestion of road traffic, and to obtain a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, thanks to the accompanied service (traveling highway), the driver continues the journey within the time limits established by law.


Our headquarters has a covered warehouse of 2,000 square meters for the logistics and redistribution of goods, within which up to about 2,500 suitably shelved pallets can be stored.

We offer our customers a goods storage service including:

  • Video surveillance and alarm system
  • Capture system for rodents, crawling and flying insects
  • Personnel for the management of goods
  • Administrative staff
  • Supervision and control
  • Handling equipment and storage equipment
  • Insurance of goods for fire, theft and atmospheric damage
  • Standard fire system

We also have a 13,000 square meters parking area.

Do you need to transport goods? Contact us

If you need to transport goods in Europe or use our warehouses for your logistics, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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